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Search Engine Optimization is a vast Buzz word used everywhere today, don't be fooled by running pay per click (PPC) campaigns, although this is one way to gain some traction, true SEO goes much deeper than this.


From single page websites to web applications with database and content management systems (CMS), The Dev Coop can get you up and running or analyse and debug current issues with your exsisting setup.


Today a majority of all web traffic is on mobile or tablet devices, we are now even utilizing smart watches! The Dev Coop has a strong understanding in mobilizing all your needs, from a responsive webpage to applications.

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Front end development consists of what a user interacts with on your webpage & the overall flow of the page. Being able to accomplish a task without getting lost or running into aggrevating steps along the way. Primarily most companies use front end only webpages to make a presence online with a focus on SEO (showing up on Google).

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Back-end development incorperates unseen functionality that operates based on the front-end user. When you have a company that stores user information, shopping carts, etc... This is done on the front-end by the user, then processed by the beck-end. This is primarily used by companies that aim towards making money with their webpage.

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Deployment is a large undertaking for many companies, but it is a crucial part to overall success and net gain. Creating communication platforms, testing, agile life-cycle, continuous delivery, and more. Even basic implmentation of deployment practices can save companies thousands of dollars monthly. Primarily used for companies that are looking to save money.

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