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Want to get involved but don't quite have the time to hit the streets and collect change for ThePinkPigChallenge? That's okay, our affiliated church Orlando ICC has a great donation page where you can quickly donate with ease, when you do donate besure to make a note that it's for the ThePinkPigChallenge

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Why collect change?

In the least amount of words possible, "why not?". We all at some point have either been asked for money or maybe been the one asking... when you think of money your first thought may start at a one dollar and go up from there, but not many people consider spare change the same as "money". This is the beauty of ThePinkPigChallenge, we aren't asking for cash money, we are asking for spare change! So grab your piggy and start collecting all the spare change you can, remember this goes towards supporting the movement of God and our missionaries in other less fortunate Countries

How do I turn in my Pig?

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We want to see your pig! Are you ready to get out there and "Feed the Pig" (collect change), or maybe you've given your pig a new look! Well what are you waiting for? We want to see it, head over to social media and share with @ThePinkPigChallenge #ThePinkPigChallenge

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We appreciate all the help and donations we can get, ThePinkPigChallenge is affiliated with a 501(c)(3) organization Orlando International Christian Church all donations fall under tax deductable guidelines for more information on this please contact us by E-mail.

This button will redirect you to our church website to complete your donation for ThePinkPigChallenge, when making your donation don't forget to mention in the notes that it is for ThePinkPigChallenge, so we know where it's going.

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